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Institutional Investors Are Walking Away From Ohio Utility Companies That Insist on Coal

Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Divestment From One Fund Alone

Utilities in Ohio and West Virginia clinging stubbornly to coal-fired power plants for electricity generation are finding the strategy backfiring in a way they might not have anticipated. Some of the world’s biggest investors are saying no thank you to enterprises so deeply—and dangerously—attached to coal. They include Norway’s Government Pension Fund Global, or GPFG, […]

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In Puerto Rico, AES Corp. Gets Away With a Coal-Ash Mess That Wouldn’t be Tolerated in the States

Power Plant Dust Blows Through Dozens of Communities

Sometimes I wonder if the peculiar political status of Puerto Rico results in especially bad behavior by some of the outside corporations that do business here. Take AES Corp, a Fortune 500 company that promotes itself as a benevolent leader in the global power-generation industry. AES, which is based in Arlington, Va., just across the […]

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