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275 Layoffs at Alliance Coal in Illinois

From KFVS TV: Alliance Coal announced the layoffs of 275 people in White and Hamilton counties in Illinois on Friday. River View Coal, LLC and White County Coal, LLC will reduce operations resulting in the layoff 75 employees. Hamilton County Coal, LLC announce the temporary layoffs of around 200 employees. The company cites weak power […]

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More Layoffs and Shutdowns

Christopher Coats for SNL: After an especially troubling year, U.S. coal producers closed out 2015 with another round of mine idlings and staff layoffs, continuing a worrisome consolidation among domestic producers. In West Virginia, Murray Energy Corp. laid off about a hundred miners in Ohio and Marshall counties, with the company laying the blame for […]

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Investors Want More Straight Talk, More Often, From the Coal Industry

While CONSOL and Alliance Discuss Clear Strategies, Peabody Sticks to Its Vague-Optimism Script

Everybody knows coal companies are in bad financial shape. What investors need now is a straight answer on whether the decline is structural or cyclical. Here’s a clue from Nick Deluliis, CEO and president of CONSOL, speaking on the company’s third-quarter earnings call last week: “We’ve see within the United States a significant and a […]

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AGs in Secret Alliance With Energy Producers; Another Bank Backs Out of Galilee; Coal Fades in Appalachia

“ENERGY FIRMS IN SECRETIVE ALLIANCE WITH ATTORNEYS GENERAL” IS THE WEEKEND BLOCKBUSTER in the New York Times documenting how AGs in “at least a dozen states” have received $16 million in donations this year from the oil, gas, and coal industry and have been working closely with those donors to advance their business interests. A […]

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Power Point: Global, National and Illinois Basin Coal Trends

Global, National and Illinois Basin Coal Trends, by Tom  Sanzillo, September 25, 2014

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