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With Bailouts Under Federal Scrutiny, Ohio Utilities ‘Look to Legislature’

Ohio utilities are likely to urge an end to the state’s current competitive market for generation and take other actions in the wake of federal regulators’ decision this week to halt wholesale electric deals for affiliates’ less competitive plants. On Wednesday, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission announced it would require commission scrutiny before American Electric […]

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Institutional Investors Are Walking Away From Ohio Utility Companies That Insist on Coal

Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Divestment From One Fund Alone

Utilities in Ohio and West Virginia clinging stubbornly to coal-fired power plants for electricity generation are finding the strategy backfiring in a way they might not have anticipated. Some of the world’s biggest investors are saying no thank you to enterprises so deeply—and dangerously—attached to coal. They include Norway’s Government Pension Fund Global, or GPFG, […]

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Data Bite: The Shrinking U.S. Coal-Fired Electricity Map; Here’s a Snapshot From Ohio

A Decline to 59 Percent of Power Generation in 2015 from 82 Percent in 2010

Where better to get a picture of the coal industry’s rapidly declining share of the electric generation pie in the U.S. than Ohio, a battleground state for energy issues?   Coal historically has made up the lion’s share of electricity generation in Ohio, and the coal industry has wielded the political clout to match. Even […]

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Another Utility Bailout Is in the Works in Ohio

Dayton Power & Light Follows in the Shameless Footsteps of FirstEnergy and American Electric Power

Dayton Power & Light has decided to follow in the shameless footsteps of FirstEnergy and American Electric Power as it seeks a ratepayer bailout for its coal-fired generation in Ohio. DP&L is pushing the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to approve a 10-year power purchase agreement under which DP&L Ohio customers would pay for the […]

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