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Two Pipeline Expansion Projects in Appalachia Indicate a Rush Toward Overbuilding

Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines Pose Risk to Ratepayers, Communities, and Investors

We’ve published a report today that concludes that two natural gas pipelines proposed for construction from West Virginia into Virginia and North Carolina are indicative of a rush toward industry overbuilding. The study, “Risks Associated With Natural Gas Pipeline Expansion Across Appalachia,” examines the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline, which would traverse West Virginia into eastern […]

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Letter to the Editor: ‘Just Transition’

From the Baltimore Sun: Simple fairness demands that the nation address the economic plight of coal country with a focus on mining families. Miners risk their lives and health every time they go underground. The product of their work has powered our nation for generations. As we transition away from coal as a power source, […]

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Survey Finds Most Residents of Coal Country Favor Diversifying Their Economies

Scott Finn for West Virginia Public Radio: The survey was done by Public Opinion Strategies, a firm that’s worked for a lot of Republicans, including Sen. Shelley Capito. The survey of residents of several eastern coal-producing states, including West Virginia, asked what “elected officials and decision-makers in your state should prioritize?” Assisting rural, coal-mining areas […]

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Strong Public Support for RECLAIM Act in Eastern Kentucky

Bill Estep for the Louisville (Ky.) Herald-Leader: There is strong support among voters of all stripes for a proposal that would provide $1 billion for mine reclamation projects in Eastern Kentucky and other areas hurt by a slump in coal jobs, according to a seven-state poll released Monday. The poll found that 89 percent of […]

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Editorial: Time to Move Past the ‘Snake Oil’ Dance in West Virginia

From the Charleston (W.V.) Gazette: We like Jim Justice, but an appeal he sent out Tuesday asking other candidates and leaders to sign a “2016 Commitment to Coal and West Virginia Miners” is not leadership. It’s more of the same pandering that has gotten West Virginia where it is. Of course, candidates and leaders support […]

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In Eastern Kentucky, a Push to Diversify Coal Economy

Jim Zarroli for National Public Radio: Community leaders are eager to diversify the economy and have been reaching out to employers to try to learn what it will take to lure them to the region. “We’re all worried that coal is gone,” says Joel Brashear, community outreach officer at Hyden Citizens Bank in Leslie County. […]

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U.S. Coal Employment ‘Continues to Probe Record Lows’

Kevin Hunt and Richard Kuykendall for SNL: Average U.S. coal mining employment continues to probe record lows as average coal employees fell another 6.3% — about 3,436 jobs — in the second quarter compared to the prior quarter. An S&P Global Market Intelligence analysis showed average coal mining jobs have declined 45.6% from a near-term […]

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Op-Ed: West Virginia’s People Are Shouldering Coal Industry’s High Costs

Howard Swint from the Charleston (W.V.) Gazette: Nowhere in the United States is the “paradox of plenty” more evident than in Southern West Virginia, where the economic development of the southwest coalfields stands in stark contrast to that of the New and Greenbrier River valleys. With the same legal framework of state government as the […]

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Interior Secretary: A Future for Mineworkers in a New Energy Economy

Valerie Volcovici for Reuters: From Appalachia to Wyoming, surging demand for cheap natural gas, tougher environmental regulations and multiple coal company bankruptcies have left behind a devastated coal business, lost jobs and billions of dollars in cleanup work. Many of the jobs are gone for good, but ex-miners can repair the damaged land and shape […]

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At Pennsylvania Pilot Project, U.S. Interior Secretary Promises More Investment in Hard-Hit Mining Communities

Don Hopey for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Mayor Ray Plummer was all smiles Thursday morning as bulldozers, front-loaders and massive trucks dug into the mountain of coal waste that towers over his home and this tiny Cambria County town of 200 along the stone-cold-dead Little Conemaugh River. “It’s a good day for our residents,” he said, […]

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Mining Losses Continue in Appalachia; Second-Quarter Production Down 15.6 Percent

Haseeb Munir and Taylor Kuykendall for SNL: As the coal sector probes the market hoping for a bottom, the Central Appalachia coal basin’s top mines produced about 15.6% less coal in the second quarter compared to the same period a year ago. Most of the 25 largest mines in the troubled region are producing less […]

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