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IEEFA Update (Corrected): Wind in the Wires, and More on the Way

30 States Have Projects Under Construction or in Advanced Development

Wind power is a rapidly growing source of electricity in the U.S., doubling its share of generation in just five years, to 4.9 percent in 2015. The declining cost of wind power, along with cheap natural gas, has put tremendous financial pressure on both coal-fired and nuclear power plants, and is changing the mix of fuels […]

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Skepticism in Arizona Around Long-Term Commitment to Natural Gas

Ryan Randazzo for the Arizona Republic: Officials on Monday questioned Arizona Public Service Co. regarding its plans to increase its use of natural-gas-fueled power plants to meet energy demands, saying they are concerned prices could increase and put utility customers at risk. APS officials presented the company’s long-term resource plan to the regulators at the […]

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Coal Industry on the Brink in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah

Where Is the Leadership to Help Families, Communities, and Economies Manage the Change?

It is past time for governors and legislators in the Rocky Mountain West to seriously plan for what they are going to do to help mining communities and families hit hard by the coal industry’s collapse. These leaders—in the six states from the Canadian border to Mexico—have been silent for too long. The coal-mining sector […]

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WSJ: Utility Industry Ratchets Up Its War on Solar

Many U.S. states are considering dialing back solar-power incentives amid growing pressure from local electric utilities, potentially dealing a blow to the companies that install home solar systems around the country. More than 900,000 homes across the U.S. are equipped with solar panels, with most of those homeowners able to sell any excess electricity their […]

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Arizona Utility Steps Back on Solar Tariff; Conflict of Interest Seen at Regulator

Julia Pyper for Greentech Media: Arizona Public Service said it would drop its proposed fee increase if regulators move forward instead with hearings on the cost of providing electricity service, in order to determine future rates that are fair to all customers. In April, APS requested to increase fees on solar customers from 70 cents […]

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