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IEEFA Asia: Rosy Prospects in Indonesian Coal?

A Note of Caution on Assuming That Recent High Prices Are Sustainable

As the U.S. coal industry hopes for an unlikely revival on the back of U.S. political developments, the Indonesian coal sector is riding a surge in thermal coal prices. Confidence was high already, as evidenced by coal giants Bukit Asam and Adaro Energy joining a late-October U.S. capital market road show sponsored by the Indonesian […]

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IEEFA Update: Coming Soon to a Grid Near You, Cost-Competitive Solar

Investment in Sun-Powered Electricity Has Gone Mainstream Around the World

The US$24.20/MWh tender for 350 megawatts of solar in the Middle East shows the price of solar dropping by 20 percent from US$30/MWh in five months and down now two-thirds from the US$58/MWh tender awarded just 20 months ago. (Here’s the story that appeared in The National, the government-owned news organization in Abu Dhabi, and […]

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On the Blogs: India’s Push for Energy Independence Is Hurting Indonesian, Australian Coal Industries

Andrew Topf for For a long time, the biggest coal importers, China and India, have kept the coal trade fluorishing with a steady flow of cargoes from Australia and Indonesia, mostly. Steel mills and power plants in the two biggest Asian economies have been fed a steady diet of coal from these two countries, […]

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Drop in Imports from China Depresses Coal Prices; Indonesian Miners Seeking Other Markets

Deepak Kannan in Platts Coal Trader International: Several large Indonesian thermal coal miners continue to forecast stable to higher production targets for 2016 despite weakening demand in both India and China, putting downward pressure on prices. Indonesian coal suppliers have been hit by a significant drop in Chinese imports of thermal coal and increasing domestic […]

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Indonesia, Despite Coal-Industry Collapse, Continues to Develop More Coal

Nithin Coca for Equal Times Indonesia: What do you do when your top export – coal – is down, production is falling and a new global climate accord calls for sharp cuts in CO2 emissions? Convert to greener energy? Contrary to some of its neighbours, Indonesia is going headlong in the other direction: burning more […]

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Thermal Coal Hits a New Low. Where Does the Market Go From Here?

A Rising Reliance on Wind, Solar, Gas and Hydro

Thermal coal prices have continued to decline, hitting new lows in August, with the Newcastle 5,500kcal thermal export coal benchmark down 20 percent year to date at US$42/t. As Lachlan Shaw, chief commodity strategist at UBS, points out in a just-published note, global traded thermal coal demand has declined to an annualized 900 million tons […]

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Jakarta Post: Energy Winds Shifting in India

IEEFA’s Tim Buckley in the Jakarta Post: The installation of 175 GW of renewable energy — equivalent to more than three times the current electricity capacity of Indonesia — is one of a number of key policy initiatives that will enable India’s rapid transformation. India is replicating Germany and China’s systematic electricity sector transformation, with […]

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Indonesia’s Illegal Coal-Trafficking Epidemic Requires an Impartial Inquiry

Reform is in the national interest, and it makes good business sense too.

[Editor’s note: This commentary first appeared in today’s Jakarta Globe.] Indonesia, the leading supplier to the seaborne thermal coal market, produces 420 million tons of coal per year, according to its official tally. But the unofficial tally is much higher. It’s an open secret, in fact, that millions of tons of Indonesian coal are being […]

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