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Data Bite: In Solar Advances, Japan Is Living Up to Its Nickname as the Land of the Rising Sun

National Transition Show Declining Overall Demand for Electricity, Less Reliance on Nuclear

We’ve posted a research brief today that finds fossil fuels the main loser in Japan’s ongoing power-sector transformation. Our note, posted here, is released to coincide with industry leaders gathering for the Japan Renewable Energy Foundation “Realizing the Opportunity” conference tomorrow in Tokyo. Our takeaways include the inescapable fact that Japan has become one of the […]

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Past Peak Coal in China

Past Peak Coal in China, Nov 2015  Chinese translation of press release (pdf)

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Global Energy Markets Transition Drives Thermal Coal Into Structural Decline

New Research by IEEFA Sees Slowing Demand for Coal and Rapidly Rising Investment in Renewables CLEVELAND, Jan. 14, 2015 (IEEFA.org) — Rapid expansion of renewable energy combined with weakening electricity demand are driving a structural decline in seaborne thermal coal markets, according to a new briefing released today by the Institute for Energy Economics and […]

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Briefing note: Thermal coal outlook

Briefing note: Thermal coal outlook (pdf) By Tim Buckley,  Director of Energy Resource Studies, Australasia, IEEFA  

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Briefing note: Fossil fuels, energy transition, and risk

Briefing note: Fossil fuels, energy transition, and risk (pdf) By Tim Buckley,  Director of Energy Resource Studies, Australasia, IEEFA

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More News and Commentary

IEEFA Update: Coming Soon to a Grid Near You, Cost-Competitive Solar

Investment in Sun-Powered Electricity Has Gone Mainstream Around the World

The US$24.20/MWh tender for 350 megawatts of solar in the Middle East shows the price of solar dropping by 20 percent from US$30/MWh in five months and down now two-thirds from the US$58/MWh tender awarded just 20 months ago. (Here’s the story that appeared in The National, the government-owned news organization in Abu Dhabi, and […]

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Australia’s Gas Cartel Under Scrutiny

From ABC Australia: Australian consumers and business, and the overall economy, have been hit hard by natural gas price rises linked to the export of vast quantities of Australian gas. An energy analyst has warned of growing damage as a result. Latest figures from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis show the widening […]

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$24 Million Subsidy to Support Australian Gas Cartel

Luke Griffiths for the Adelaide Advertiser: A $24 million plan for greater gas extraction in South Australia is nothing more than hot air that will derive no consumer benefit, according to an international energy agency. The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis said the Australian gas industry is “milking the consumer dry” and that […]

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IEEFA Update: A Snapshot Map of the Global Energy Transition

Momentum in the Face of Resistance by the Forces of the Status Quo

The snapshot map of the world here shows in a handful of new anecdotal markers the global transition to a new electricity-generation economy gaining ground even as status-quo interests dig in, so to speak.   The fight for “self-bonding,” the coal-industry promise to set aside ample funds for cleanup costs, grows weaker with word last week that the […]

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Editorial: Vast New Energy-Investment Possibilities in Asia

From Bloomberg View: Asian nations lead the world in new investment in wind, solar and nuclear power. And all that clean energy should help them meet their commitments to cut greenhouse gases. Standing in the way, however, are ongoing plans to build thousands of new coal plants — even though the market for coal power […]

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IEEFA Data Bite: Global Solar Deployment Accelerates

Record Installation Rate in 2015; Aggressive Push in India; Milestone in the Middle East; Technology Breakthrough in Australia; Battery Advances Seen as Adding to Momentum

Solar energy is increasingly complementing the rapid deployment of wind and hydro-electricity projects around the world. Recent improvements in economies of scale, solar-technology breakthroughs and rapid cost deflation all augur for yet another record year in 2016. Together, solar, wind and hydro are accelerating in particular the substitution of thermal power generation by renewable energy […]

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Mounting Risks of Impairments Globally in Coal Investments

A Rising Likelihood of Stranded Assets in Japan, China, and Around the World

Changes sweeping the electricity sectors in Japan and China suggest a hugely uncertain future for coal-fired power and a rapidly increasing risk of stranded assets. New research shows growing over-capacity in these markets, likely complications from regulation and rising competition from lower-cost renewable power. Coupled with massive recent write-downs in coal-generation assets in Europe and […]

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Mitsui Joins Japanese Financiers Fleeing Coal

Like each of the Japanese trading houses, Mitsui & Co has this week reported a net loss for the year on the back of massive write-downs on its resource holdings. As per the excerpts below from a Reuters article on the development below, the CEO has announced near term plans to sell a third of […]

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Budding Movement Against Coal Expansion in Japan

From SNL: Activists gathered outside Japan’s Embassy in the U.S. to protest against the country’s support for domestic and overseas coal projects with more protests planned in Tokyo and Jakarta. “Groups will continue to put pressure on Japan to end its fossil fuel financing in the lead up to Japan hosting the G7 summit in […]

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Five Years After Fukushima, Debate Over Nuclear Safety in Japan

By Andrew Coffman Smith for SNL: Five years on from the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdowns and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is lauding progress in implementing post-Fukushima safety measures. A critical report, meanwhile, is accusing regulators of abdicating their watchdog responsibilities and plant operators of undermining safety. Speaking March 8, three days before the anniversary […]

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