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On the Blogs: Nevada Can Close Its Last 2 Coal-Fired Plants Without Affecting Its Grid

Dylan Sullivan for the Natural Resources Defense Council A new analysis shows that Nevada can complete its transition away from coal-fired electricity – closing the Valmy and TS Power plants – while keeping the electric system reliable, at reasonable cost to the bulk power system. Nevada began its move away from coal in current-Governor Brian […]

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IEEFA Update (Corrected): Wind in the Wires, and More on the Way

30 States Have Projects Under Construction or in Advanced Development

Wind power is a rapidly growing source of electricity in the U.S., doubling its share of generation in just five years, to 4.9 percent in 2015. The declining cost of wind power, along with cheap natural gas, has put tremendous financial pressure on both coal-fired and nuclear power plants, and is changing the mix of fuels […]

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On the Blogs: Wind and Solar Have Gone Mainstream

Daniel Fleischmann for Renewable Energy World: Let’s consider wind, solar, and geothermal energy. In 1999, only 10 states generated a measurable amount of electricity from at least one of those three sources (i.e., at least one GWh, or enough to power 1,000 U.S. homes for a year). By 2015, every state generated a measurable amount […]

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On the Blogs: Nevada’s Rooftop-Solar Purge

Thomas P. Kimbis for the Huffington Post: It doesn’t have to be this way. Recent progress in states like New York, Tennessee and Colorado point to a future where solar and utilities find common ground and develop a rate design structure that benefits both of them, in addition to all customers. Last week, Energy & […]

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Corporate Customers in Nevada Opt to Leave Electricity Grid Rather Than Abandon Solar

Jeff Stanfield for SNL: The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada on Dec. 2 granted permission to three Las Vegas casino hotel and resort complexes to depart Nevada Power Co.’s energy service providing they pay more than $126 million in impact fees and get approvals from the PUC for specific alternative energy providers and terms. The […]

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73% of Nevadans Oppose State’s Rooftop-Solar Purge

The vast majority of Nevadans support an effort to reverse the Nevada Public Utilities Commission’s (NPUC) decision to implement new charges for net-metering. An independent poll conducted by Global Strategy Group, a research and strategic communications firm, canvassed the opinions of 600 Nevadans and found that 73% of respondents would be supportive of a ballot […]

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WSJ: Utility Industry Ratchets Up Its War on Solar

Many U.S. states are considering dialing back solar-power incentives amid growing pressure from local electric utilities, potentially dealing a blow to the companies that install home solar systems around the country. More than 900,000 homes across the U.S. are equipped with solar panels, with most of those homeowners able to sell any excess electricity their […]

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Showdown in Las Vegas Over New Energy Economy

Daniel Hernandez for The Guardian: Twenty acres of sun-catching glass sit atop the Mandalay Bay convention center, and when new installations are complete, it will become the biggest rooftop solar array in the US. In recent months, three of Nevada’s largest casino companies – MGM Resorts, Wynn, and Las Vegas Sands – have announced plans […]

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Future of U.S. Solar at Risk in Net-Metering Suppression

Nichola Groom for Reuters: In California, regulators voted in January to preserve so-called net metering, which requires utilities to purchase surplus power generated by customers with rooftop solar panels. But neighboring Nevada scrapped the policy – prompting solar companies to flee the state. The decisions foreshadow an intensifying national debate over public support that the […]

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