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Report: FirstEnergy Seeks a Subsidized Turnaround

FirstEnergy: A Major Utility Seeks a Subsidized Turnaround (pdf) By Tom Sanzillo, Director of Finance and Cathy Kunkel, Fellow Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis

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IEEFA Update (Corrected): Wind in the Wires, and More on the Way

30 States Have Projects Under Construction or in Advanced Development

Wind power is a rapidly growing source of electricity in the U.S., doubling its share of generation in just five years, to 4.9 percent in 2015. The declining cost of wind power, along with cheap natural gas, has put tremendous financial pressure on both coal-fired and nuclear power plants, and is changing the mix of fuels […]

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The Nine-State Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative: A Potential Model for U.S. Carbon-Emissions Reductions

An Instructive Path Forward for Clean Power Plan Compliance

Last month as Senate Republicans passed two resolutions to strike down provisions of the Clean Power Plan, members of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), a collaboration of nine Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states, met in New York. Discussions centered on how the country’s first carbon cap-and-trade market will approach compliance with the EPA’s Clean Power […]

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Exelon Takeover of Pepco, Resurrected by D.C. Mayor, Still Fails the Public-Interest Test

Higher Rates, More Risk, Less Interest in Renewables

Even in its latest guise, the proposed settlement of the Exelon-Pepco merger fails the public-interest litmus test. We’ve filed public comment to that effect with the District of Columbia Public Service Commission today (and we’ve written a cautionary letter and memo to the D.C. City Council, which of course holds considerable political sway). The gist […]

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Calls for Ethics Inquiry on D.C. Mayor’s Embrace of Exelon-Pepco Merger

Aaron C. Davis for the Washington Post: Environmentalists and good government groups on Wednesday called for an ethics investigation into D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser’s decision to reverse course and to back a takeover of Pepco, the city’s electric utility, by Exelon, a Chicago-based nuclear energy giant. Critics of the mayor’s about-face, which breathed new […]

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D.C. Mayor Flip-Flops on Merger as Exelon Offers $78 Million in Incentives

Tom Heath in the Washington Post: Exelon chief executive Christopher M. Crane struck a conciliatory tone at Bowser’s announcement. “We really do appreciate the responsibility of serving the nation’s capital, and we consider it an honor,” Crane said. “We’re here to serve you, at the will of the commission.” He is offering a grab bag […]

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Exelon’s Appeal of D.C. Refusal to Allow Electric-Company Takeover Dodges the Core Doubts

In It’s Most Recent Salvo, a Chicago Company Does Not Acknowledge Why It Really Wants to Get Its Hands on Pepco

In its petition this week asking the District of Columbia’s Public Service Commission to rethink its decision not to let Exelon Corp. take over Pepco Holdings, Exelon ignores the underlying reasons for why the merger would be a bad deal for D.C ratepayers. The appeal makes no mention, for instance, of the elephant in the room: […]

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12 Companies in Bidding for Largest U.S. Offshore Wind Farm

The U.S. Interior Department this week put 742 acres of water off the Massachusetts shore up for bid to wind-turbine generation companies. A Jan. 29 lease sale will award the most competitive bids submitted by 12 companies. The area could support production of 4 to 5 gigawatts of commercial wind generation, “enough electricity to power […]

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‘Reforms’ Across PJM’s 13-State Market Are Costly and Regressive

By Cathy Kunkel — Last week, the board of PJM — the  regional transmission organization that controls the wholesale electricity markets in all or parts of 13 mid-Atlantic and Midwest states — approved new changes to its capacity-market construct that would dramatically increase the price of capacity after 2018. The reforms PJM are pushing stem […]

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FERC Approval of Exelon-Pepco Merger Is a Step Back

By Cathy Kunkel By approving Exelon Corp.’s acquisition of Pepco Holdings Inc. last week, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) dealt a potential blow to the development of renewables and energy efficiency in the mid-Atlantic. The deal still has to be approved by state-level public service commissions that regulate Pepco. The company provides electricity to […]

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Trans-Canada End Run; Consol Energy; Buffalo News Editorial; Banks Skittish on Galilee Port

THE IEEFA-OIL CHANGE INTERNATIONAL REPORT ON THE COSTLY populist hurdles facing tar sands development is picked up widely today via Yahoo News, MorningStar News, and others. 

The report, “Material Risks: How Public Opposition Is Slowing Tar Sands Development,” was published yesterday. It breaks down how tar sands development lost $30.9 billion in revenue from 2010 […]

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