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North Dakota Oil Production Falls

Daniel J. Graeber for UPI: A regulator in North Dakota said low oil prices were in part behind the decline in crude oil production, last reported at its lowest level since early 2014. The North Dakota Industrial Commission reported crude oil production in September, the last full month for which it has data, at 971,658 […]

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‘Ironically,’ Dakota Access Pipeline Risks Defeat by Low Prices and Oil Infrastructure Glut

Chris White for the Daily Caller: The Dakota Access Pipeline is at risk of becoming an abandoned project due to historically low oil prices, according to a report published Wednesday by an energy research firm. The report, “The High-Risk Financing Behind the Dakota Access Pipeline: A Potential Stranded Asset in the Bakken Region of North […]

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North Dakota Project Stands to Add to Pipeline Glut

Daniel J. Graeber for UPI: If the pipeline isn’t completed by Jan. 1, the project consortium may have to revisit some of the contracts for shipping oil through the 1,110-mile pipeline. The institute said further that crude oil prices being about 50 percent lower than they were at the height of the U.S. shale era […]

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IEEFA Report: Dakota Access Pipeline Driven by ‘High-Risk Financing’ in Overbuilt Region; Little-Known Economic Weaknesses in Controversial Project

Developer, Facing Likelihood of Missing Deadline, May Be Required to Renegotiate Contracts; Depressed Global Oil Prices Stand to Render New Capacity ‘Superfluous’

CLEVELAND, Nov. 16, 2016 ( — The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis today published a report noting weaknesses in the financing behind the Dakota Access Pipeline and questions  around the long-term usefulness of the project. The report—“The High-Risk Financing Behind the Dakota Access Pipeline: A Potential Stranded Asset in the Bakken Region of […]

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Army Corp of Engineers Calls for More Study on Dakota Access Pipeline

Rebecca Hersher for NPR: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said Monday that it needs more information before it can decide whether to allow the Dakota Access Pipeline to be built along its planned route. In a joint statement by the U.S. Army and Department of the Interior, the Corps announced it had finished a […]

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Election Outcome Means ‘Much Work to Do’ for Pipeline Opponents

Ernest Scheyder and Valerie Volcovici for Reuters:The surprising victory by Native American and environmental groups in September to delay the Dakota Access Pipeline may turn out to be short-lived, after Donald Trump’s unexpected win in the U.S. presidential election. Trump backs measures to speed energy industry development and upgrade the country’s oil and gas infrastructure. […]

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North Dakota Coal Industry Group Targets Minnesota

Frank Jossi for Midwest Energy News: While Minnesota utilities continue to turn away from coal, the industry still has its champions in the state – with one group funded largely by North Dakota taxpayers and coal companies. The Coalition For A Secure Energy Future, an offshoot of the Lignite Energy Council, has met with legislators […]

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