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Spain’s Push Toward 100% Renewables

Caroline Mortimer for The Independent (U.K.): The director of one of Spain’s top power companies has predicted the country will eventually become 100 per cent reliant on renewable energy. Acciona boss Miguel Ezpeleta said there is currently enough wind energy being generated to power 29m Spanish homes every day. He told Australian news channel, ABC […]

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Europe: ‘Capacity Payments’ Provide a Lifeline to Costly Coal-Fired Generators

U.K. Case in Point: Subsidies Prop Up Increasingly Unviable Generators 

Call them what you will but “capacity payments” in the European utility industry today are looking more and more like subsidies to prop up a fading industry threatened by the rise of renewables. It’s an expensive arrangement that often rewards decrepit coal- and other fossil-fuel-fired power plants for waiting in the wings—not for generating electricity. […]

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