Victoria, Australia

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Australia’s East Coast Electricity Grid Is Over-Dependent on Sub-Critical Coal and in Need of Reform

A report we’ve published today Sub-Critical Australia: Risks From Imbalance in the Australian National Electricity Market,” concludes that Australia’s outdated east coast electricity grid (NEM) is over-reliant on sub-critical generation and in need of modernizing. Our research shows that the National Electricity Market (NEM) in Australia is dominated by sub-critical electricity generators that are in […]

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The Australian National Electricity Market: Old, Oversupplied and Vulnerable

Regulators Should Be Planning Now for a Wave of Coal-Fired Plant Closings

The coal-fired energy industry in Australia is an especially dirty form of electricity generation, and is well past its prime by industry technology standards. Some background: The Australian National Electricity Market (NEM) is the wholesale electricity spot market through which generators and retailers trade electricity. It is run by the Australian Energy Market Operator, and […]

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