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Report: No evidence of a turnaround at Prairie State

No Evidence of a Turnaround at Prairie State (pdf) By David Schlissel, Director of Resource Planning Analysis

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Report- Changing course: A clean energy investment plan for Dominion Virginia Power

Changing course: A clean energy investment plan for Dominion Virginia Power (PDF)

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Report- The Prairie State Coal Plant: The Reality vs. the Promise

Report- The Prairie State Coal Plant: The Reality vs. the Promise (pdf).

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More News and Commentary

IEEFA Update (Corrected): Wind in the Wires, and More on the Way

30 States Have Projects Under Construction or in Advanced Development

Wind power is a rapidly growing source of electricity in the U.S., doubling its share of generation in just five years, to 4.9 percent in 2015. The declining cost of wind power, along with cheap natural gas, has put tremendous financial pressure on both coal-fired and nuclear power plants, and is changing the mix of fuels […]

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In Federal Development Initiative, Bipartisan Acknowledgment of a Changing Economy in Coal Country

Andrew Brown for the Charleston (W.V.) Gazette-Mail: Millions of dollars are being disbursed to groups in West Virginia and other coalfield communities throughout the country as part of President Barack Obama’s POWER initiative. State and federal officials gathered in Huntington Wednesday to announce more than $38.8 million in funding for groups in West Virginia, Kentucky, […]

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Op-Ed: Ratepayer Risk in Virginia Pipeline Overbuild

Thomas Hadwin for the (Staunton, Va.) News Leader: If we build too many new gas-fired power plants and we find that renewables and energy efficiency are much cheaper options, ratepayers will be stuck paying the bill for power plants that are not used as expected. Investigations show that there is sufficient capacity in existing natural […]

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Audio: Our Comments on Pipeline-Overbuild Risks in Appalachia

Risks Associated With Natural Gas Infrastructure Expansion in North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia

We’ve just posted this audio from our press conference earlier this week on our new study, “Risks Associated With Natural Gas Pipeline Expansion Across Appalachia.”  In addition to comments from IEEFA, the audio includes remarks by Joe Lovett, executive director of Appalachian Mountain Advocates. The report examines the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline, which would traverse West Virginia […]

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Pipeline Race Suggests Overbuilding in Virginia

Brian Carlton for the (Waynesboro) News Virginian: While there is a need for natural gas in some parts of Virginia, too many companies are building pipelines to try and fill that void. This in turn could lead to overbuilding, creating pipelines that force legal battles and lengthy construction, but ultimately sit empty or at least […]

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IEEFA Study: FERC at Fault in Pipeline Overbuild

Joe Fisher for Natural Gas Intelligence: The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) singled out the Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC (ACP) and Mountain Valley Pipeline LLC (MVP) projects in its report, “Risks Associated With Natural Gas Pipeline Expansion in Appalachia.” IEEFA recommended that the project applications be suspended “until a regional planning process […]

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How Keystone Set a Template for Pipeline Opposition Nationally

Melissa Cronin for Grist: “Another Pipeline Rejected” is now the go-to headline for updates on new fossil fuel infrastructure in the United States. Does the growing file of scrapped pipeline plans forecast the “Keystone-ization” of our energy future? Yes — proposals for pipelines to transport oil and natural gas are being brought down by public […]

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IEEFA Report: Two Pipelines Proposed for Construction From West Virginia Into Virginia and North Carolina Show Overbuilding by Natural Gas Industry

CLEVELAND, APRIL 27, 2016 (IEEFA) — The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) today published a study concluding that  natural gas pipelines proposed for construction from West Virginia into Virginia and North Carolina are indicative of a rush toward industry overbuilding. The study, “Risks Associated With Natural Gas Pipeline Expansion Across Appalachia,” examines […]

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14,000 Jobs Seen in Virginia Offshore Wind Expansion by 2030

Dave Mayfield for the Virginia Pilot: Virginia could see as many as 14,000 jobs in the offshore wind energy industry over the next 15 years, according to a report issued by a group called the American Jobs Project. The report, written in partnership with Virginia Tech and issued this month, said the state is particularly […]

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How Are For-Profit Pipelines Fair Use of Eminent Domain?

A Topic From the GOP Presidential Campaign That’s Worthy of More Discussion

One of the many sharp—and welcome—arguments among the GOP presidential candidates of late has been over what constitutes reasonable use of eminent domain. Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) has called Donald Trump out, for instance, for having used eminent domain to try to demolish the home of an elderly widow in Atlantic City so he could […]

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