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In Upper Midwest Wind Expansion, Xcel Sees a Plentitude of Suppliers

Ian Campbell for SNL: There are more than 7,400 MW of existing uncontracted wind projects in development in the Upper Midwest, providing a competitive backdrop for a recent solicitation issued by Xcel Energy Inc.. Xcel Energy is seeking proposals for up to 1,500 MW of wind energy from projects located in Michigan, North Dakota, South […]

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IEEFA Update (Corrected): Wind in the Wires, and More on the Way

30 States Have Projects Under Construction or in Advanced Development

Wind power is a rapidly growing source of electricity in the U.S., doubling its share of generation in just five years, to 4.9 percent in 2015. The declining cost of wind power, along with cheap natural gas, has put tremendous financial pressure on both coal-fired and nuclear power plants, and is changing the mix of fuels […]

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Op-ed: Renewables Will Help Drive Wisconsin’s 21st-Century Economy

Tyler Heubner for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: In a recent opinion piece, Timothy Considine and Brett Healey tried to portray renewable energy as expensive for Wisconsin (“Admirable but expensive goals,” Opinions, Aug. 15). Their conclusion is incorrect, and out of step with a 21st century economic growth plan. But don’t take my word for it. Actions […]

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Editorial: Wisconsin Rues the Day It Allowed High-Priced Coal-Fired Power Expansion at Oak Creek

From the Racine (Wisc.) Journal Times: Here’s the segment of our May 5, 2003 editorial which is especially galling today: “the state Department of Natural Resources and Public Service Commission issued a draft environmental impact statement that concluded the proposed three coal plants could hurt the region’s air quality, wouldn’t protect consumers against construction cost […]

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Editorial: Wisconsin’s Governor Wants to Waste Taxpayer Money Fighting Clean Energy

From the (Milwaukee) Wisconsin Gazette: There’s a proposed item in Gov. Scott Walker’s budget that would waste $250,000 to have the Public Service Commission study the health effects of wind turbines. His transparent intention is to continue stalling on Wisconsin’s development of this renewable energy source, which is opposed by the real-estate sector and producers […]

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Death of Keystone Kindles a Similar Campaign in Wisconsin

Lisa Song for InsideClimate News: In the wake of the Keystone XL decision, environmental activists are seizing the momentum by calling for the cancellation of another tar sands pipeline that has remained largely below the radar. Local and national groups urged the Obama administration to reject Enbridge’s Alberta Clipper pipeline expansion. The pipeline has a […]

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Wisconsin Judge Knocks Out Fees for Solar Panels

Thomas Content in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Customers of We Energies looking to add solar panels won’t have to pay extra fees the utility was set to start assessing next year, a Dane County Circuit Court judge ruled Friday. Judge Peter Anderson decided that the state Public Service Commission did not have enough evidence to back […]

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How Can These 15 States Comply with EPA’s Clean Power Plan? (Hint: Modernizing Their Renewable-Energy Programs Might Help)

Fighting Pollution Rules While Lagging on Wind and Solar

States that seem most staunchly opposed to the EPA’s Clean Power Plan tend to be the same ones that underachieve on renewable-energy initiatives. The 15 attorneys general formally opposing the new pollution-control rules come from states that have some of the country’s least ambitious renewable portfolio standards and the weakest renewable-energy goals in America. Which […]

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