Air pollution

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Divestiture Movement, Deepening Distress of Coal Industry, Emerging Battles Over Solar, Overbuilding of Shale Gas Pipelines Highlight IEEFA Energy Finance 2016 Conference in New York City

Panelists From Deutsche Bank, Moody’s, S&P Capital IQ, New York Mayor’s Office, CalSTRS, Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office, Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Norwegian Parliament

COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, MARCH 14-16; EXPERTS FROM EUROPE, ASIA, AUSTRALIA,  AND THE AMERICAS NEW YORK, Feb. 29, 2016 — The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) today announced a 2016 conference lineup that includes leading energy finance experts, industry regulators, institutional investors, activists, market analysts and commentators from around the world. The conference, Energy […]

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Data Bite: Beijing Gets Lots of Attention for Its Dirty Air, but New Delhi’s Is Worse

Potential Additional Impetus for India's Electricity-Sector Transformation

Beijing’s severe air pollution has become internationally notorious. Depictions of the city typically show buildings barely visible in a heavy grey haze and crowds of people wearing masks. The global press paid particular heed this past December when the Chinese government began issuing “red alerts” during the worse bouts of bad air, closing factories and schools […]

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The Economic Toll of Air Pollution

Chelsea Harvey for the Washington Post: Air pollution caused by energy production in the U.S. caused at least $131 billion in damages in the year 2011 alone, a new analysis concludes — but while the number sounds grim, it’s also a sign of improvement. In 2002, the damages totaled as high as $175 billion, and […]

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Campaign to Battle New U.S. Air-Pollution Rules Started Awhile Ago

Coral Davenport and Julie Hirschfeld Davis for the New York Times: In devising its strategy, the group worked closely with the office of Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader whose coal-producing home state also stands to suffer under the regulation. While Mr. McConnell opposes the climate change regulations, his advisers knew that he […]

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Prairie State, Sold as a Clean Coal Plant, Wants a Pass on New EPA Rules

A Disingenuous Plea to Spare a Failing Project

The president of Prairie State Generating Co. has asked the Environmental Protection Agency to exempt the coal-fired Prairie State Energy Campus in southern Illinois from new pollution-control rules. In a May 11 letter to the EPA, Prairie State’s chief executive, Don Gaston, writes that the controversial plant cannot survive if—under new regulations aimed at curbing […]

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Obama Promises to Veto GOP Congressional Move Against Clean Air Enforcement

Neela Banerjee on InsideClimate news: Congressional Republicans launched attacks on two fronts against President Barack Obama’s signature plan to cut carbon dioxide from the country’s power plants. The White House said Obama would veto both measures. In a statement issued before the House vote on the opt-out bill, designated the Ratepayer Protection Act, the administration […]

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‘Doctors Fight Coal Like Tobacco, Widening Climate Debate’

Reed Landberg and Stefan Nicola for Bloomberg News: Doctors are joining the fight against pollution from coal power, adding a significant new dimension to the effort to rein in global warming. Calling for “a rapid phaseout of coal from the global energy mix,” a panel of 46 health professionals and climate scientists identified the world’s […]

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