Climate Risk

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On the Blogs: Climate Pact Will Drive Decline of Coal-Fired Electricity in Europe, China and India

Ken Silverstein for Environmental Leader: It’s all in the context of the Paris accord, signed by 191 countries in December 2015. Last week, it was ratified in Marrakesh. Under the agreement, countries will submit new blueprints every five years. The goal remains to limit global temperature increases to no more than 2 degrees Celsius by […]

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Moody’s: Climate Change Is a Growing Risk Factor

Helen Reid for Reuters: Countries’ creditworthiness could be increasingly affected by climate change, with African and South Asian sovereigns most susceptible to the economic effects of global warming, ratings agency Moody’s said on Monday. By contrast, Western Europe, North America and Australia as well as the huge landmasses of Russia and China were least vulnerable, […]

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Resistance, Still, to Acknowledging Climate Risk Among Major Fossil-Fuel Companies

John H. Cushman Jr. for InsideClimate News: A methodical review of the world’s dominant fossil fuel producers has documented their poor performance—in some cases, egregious failure— in taking responsibility for their emissions of greenhouse gases and moving effectively to confront climate change. “None of them has made a clean break from disinformation on climate science […]

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On the Blogs: The National Security Case for an Orderly Energy Transition

David Titley for Climate change affects our security in two ways. First, it causes stresses such as water shortages and crop failures, which can exacerbate or inflame existing tensions within or between states. These problems can lead to state failure, uncontrolled migration and ungoverned spaces. On Sept. 21 the National Intelligence Council issued its […]

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