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Memo- Duke Energy and Costs of Coal Ash Cleanup

Memo on Duke Energy and Costs of Coal Ash Cleanup (pdf)

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In Puerto Rico, AES Corp. Gets Away With a Coal-Ash Mess That Wouldn’t be Tolerated in the States

Power Plant Dust Blows Through Dozens of Communities

Sometimes I wonder if the peculiar political status of Puerto Rico results in especially bad behavior by some of the outside corporations that do business here. Take AES Corp, a Fortune 500 company that promotes itself as a benevolent leader in the global power-generation industry. AES, which is based in Arlington, Va., just across the […]

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Duke Appeals $25.1 Million Groundwater Pollution Fine

Duke Energy is appealing a $25.1 million fine issued by the North Carolina Department of Environment and Resources over groundwater pollution from a coal ash site associated with the closed Sutton coal-fired power plant. The fine is more than four times larger than any previous environmental fine, according to an article by John Downey in […]

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IEEFA Energy Finance 2015: “The Risk Profile for Fossil Fuels Has Gone Through the Roof”

The over-arching message of last week’s Energy Finance 2015 conference is that market trends are fostering conditions ripe for major investments in renewable energy and away from fossil fuels, according to a report on March 20 by SNL’s Amy Poszywak. The conference, co-sponsored by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) and the […]

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Latest Coal-Ash Fine ($25 Million) Against Duke Is Seen as Inadequate

The Associated Press reports this morning that Duke Energy is being fined $25 million by North Carolina for allowing coal ash at the L.V. Sutton Electric Plant to pollute local groundwater. The plant site, near Wilmington, has “a pair of unlined dumps estimated to hold 2.6 million tons of ash,” reports the AP’s Mitch Weiss, […]

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New EPA Rule Hits Coal-Fired Plants; Oil Price Hurts ‘Megaprojects’; Bothered in Birmingham

ELECTRICITY PLANTS THAT ARE HEAVILY DEPENDENT ON COAL COULD PAY ‘A PARTICULARLY HEAVY PRICE’ UNDER NEW RULES on the disposal of coal ash and steam-generator effluents, SLN reports this week. The SNL article, by Eric Wolf, notes that the EPA will probably implement the regulations this month, and that, according to a report by Bernstein […]

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Trans-Canada End Run; Consol Energy; Buffalo News Editorial; Banks Skittish on Galilee Port

THE IEEFA-OIL CHANGE INTERNATIONAL REPORT ON THE COSTLY populist hurdles facing tar sands development is picked up widely today via Yahoo News, MorningStar News, and others. 

The report, “Material Risks: How Public Opposition Is Slowing Tar Sands Development,” was published yesterday. It breaks down how tar sands development lost $30.9 billion in revenue from 2010 […]

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Cathy Kunkel: Cleaning our water or cleaning their image?

By Cathy Kunkel, Charleston Gazette– “…The weekend after the Gazette published an article reporting on the Chemical Safety Board’s finding that the Freedom spill likely started before Jan. 9, West Virginia American Water took out a full page ad touting their water as “clean” and “safe.” They emphasized that they ‘comply with drinking water standards […]

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Press release: Bowling Green residents and businesses will pay millions extra above market prices for electricity due to Prairie State Coal Plant

 BOWLING GREEN — Wood County Citizens for a Livable Future today released a detailed analysis showing that Bowling Green residents, small businesses, and large users, including BGSU, will have to pay millions of dollars above market prices for electricity if the City continues to obtain electricity from the Prairie State coal plant.  The Institute for […]

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NC Senate approves ash-pond cleanup schedule for Duke Energy

By Bruce Henderson, News Observer -RALEIGH – “The N.C. Senate gave tentative approval Tuesday to a bill that makes Duke Energy close its 33 coal ash ponds in the state within 15 years, but it blocked a vote on shifting costs away from consumers. The measure passed 45-0 on its second reading after sailing through […]

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VOICES: NC coal ash bill is Duke Energy’s pass to pollute

By Monica Embrey, Institute for Southern Studies – DURHAM – “Once again, the North Carolina legislature has demonstrated its coziness with Duke Energy. A Senate Bill (SB729) introduced this week falls far short of demanding comprehensive cleanup of North Carolina’s coal ash and instead provides the utility with a pass to pollute. In early February, […]

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