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Kemper’s Troubled Coal-Gasification Plant Goes Further Over Budget, Misses Another Completion Deadline

From the Associated Press: Mississippi Power Co. is adding another month to the construction schedule and another $62 million to the cost of the power plant it’s building in Kemper County. Atlanta-based Southern Co., the parent of the electrical utility, announced Monday that it’s pushing back the completion date from Oct. 31 to Nov. 30. […]

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On the Blogs: Southern Company’s Campaign to Export Its Broken ‘Clean Coal’ Technology

Zachary Davies Boren at The company behind America’s flagship ‘clean coal’ project tried to push the technology on countries around the world, even after it discovered its profound problems. Last month a New York Times investigation chronicled the spiraling costs, missed deadlines, technical issues and administrative chaos at Southern Company’s coal gasification facility in […]

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On the Radio: How a $6.4 Billion ‘Clean Coal’ Project Went Awry

Ari Shapiro and Ian Urbina on NPR: ARI SHAPIRO, HOST: A key part of President Obama’s climate plan sits off line in rural Mississippi. It’s a coal plant that was supposed to open two years ago. It is $4 billion over budget and the focus of an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The […]

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Mississippi $6.4 Billion ‘Clean Coal’ Project Is Failing

Ian Urbina for the New York Times: The fortress of steel and concrete towering above the pine forest here is a first-of-its-kind power plant that was supposed to prove that “clean coal” was not an oxymoron — that it was possible to produce electricity from coal in a way that emits far less pollution, and […]

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Coal Gasification Company Files for Bankruptcy

Taylor Kuykendall for SNL: Linc Energy Ltd., the company leading an underground coal gasification project in Wyoming, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization May 29. Australia-based Linc is a global oil and gas company that “set out on an aggressive drilling program” in the Gulf Coast and Alaska beginning in 2012. The rush to buy […]

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Two Big Losers in the New EPA Emissions Rule

Clare Foran and Jason Plautz in the National Journal: The Coal Industry Coal has struggled to compete with natural gas for years. But the release of Obama’s climate rule is expected to accelerate that decline, and is likely to trigger even more coal-plant shutdowns—as well as complaints from congressional and 2016 Republicans about an Obama […]

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Investors Flap Their Wings, Coal Industry Shudders

Power-Plant Skepticism in India; Regulatory Darkness in Alabama; Kemper on the Hot Seat; a Mickey Mouse Solar Park

The “butterfly effect” comes to mind on seeing what coal-industry executives must have perceived as an unnerving headline yesterday in Business Insider Australia, “A Chill Wind From Norway.”  The article, by Greg McKenna, follows up on news out of Oslo on Wednesday that Norwegian lawmakers have agreed to require the country’s gargantuan pension fund to […]

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IEEFA Update: How a ‘Clean Coal’ Myth Squandered Hundreds of Millions of Taxpayer Dollars Before It Was Unmasked

FutureGen Is Now Properly Relegated to the Past

When the U.S. Department of Energy pulled the plug in February on a $1 billion subsidy to build FutureGen, a “clean coal” plant in Illinois, it put a merciful end to a twisted tale that had been unraveling for years. The coal industry peddled influence at high levels among both Democrats and Republicans to move […]

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Partner Backs Out of Mississippi Coal-Gasification Project

From Brad Kessie at WLOX: A decision by South Mississippi Electric adds even more financial instability to the cloud hanging over Mississippi Power’s Kemper County lignite plant. Board members with South Mississippi Electric’s 11 cooperatives no longer have an interest in purchasing a 15 percent stake in the Kemper County facility. Their reason for breaking […]

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