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The Federal Government’s Coal-Leasing Program Is Broken: Here’s How to Fix It

Appoint a Price-Setting Commission; Ban Exports; Cancel Some Leases; Eliminate Self-Bonding; Mandate Set-Asides for Mine Clean-up and Miner Pensions; Require Twice-a-Year Audits; Assume Smaller Markets

It’s time for the U.S. to modernize how it manages its publicly owned coal reserves. That’s the essence of comments we’ve filed today with the Department of the Interior as it begins a review of its federal coal-leasing program in the Powder River Basin, a program that has been mismanaged for years at taxpayer expense […]

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Blocking U.S. Move Toward Coal-Lease Reform Would Only Hurt the Oversupplied Coal Industry

Josh Learn for SNL Beta: As the results of the federal election settle in across the country, coal advocates see a possible end in sight for the federal coal lease moratorium under President-elect Donald Trump. However, some coal opponents say that halting the moratorium will actually “hasten the decline” of the industry in the U.S. […]

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$900 Billion Norway Fund Drops Duke Energy, Citing Coal Risks

Gwladys Fouche for Reuters: Norway’s $900-billion wealth fund can no longer invest in Duke Energy, the biggest U.S. power firm by generation capacity, due to alleged breaches of environmental law at its coal-fired plants, Norway’s central bank said on Wednesday. The fund, which owns 1.3 percent of the world’s listed company equity with stakes in […]

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On the Blogs: ‘Update on Federal Coal Program Long Overdue’

Ryan Alexander and Rick Hegdahl for Morning Consult: Over the past several weeks, the Department of the Interior held public hearings across the country to receive comments from the public about its recently announced comprehensive review of the federal coal leasing program. While the review is underway, no new leases will be issued on federal […]

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On the Blogs: Scientists Endorse Reform of U.S. Coal-Leasing Program

Samantha Page for Enough, already. That’s what 67 prominent scientists are telling Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell, whose department is conducting a review of the U.S. program to lease federal lands for coal mining. “The science is clear: to satisfy our commitment under the Paris Agreement to hold global temperature increase well below […]

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Interior Department Receives 250,000 Signatures in Favor of Coal-Lease Reform

Devin Henry for The Hill: More than 250,000 people have called for a reform of the federal coal leasing program, activists say. The comment period on an Interior Department assessment of coal leasing rates on federal lands closes this week. Supporters of reforming the program say they’ve made the case for overhauling it for the […]

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On the Blogs: ‘Existential Threat’ to U.S. Coal in Potential Permanent Moratorium on Federal Leases

From via Even as coal miners struggle with an epic decline in their business, including headwinds on regulatory, legal, and economic fronts, the industry faces another test that is just over the horizon – one which could prove an existential threat to the long-term business model. That test is the ability of the […]

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In ‘Long Overdue’ Move, U.S. Tightens Royalty Payments on Publically Owned Coal Reserves

Matthew Daly for the Associated Press: The Interior Department said Thursday it is changing the way it values coal mined from public lands in the West to make sure mining companies are not shortchanging taxpayers on sales to Asia and other markets. A final rule issued Thursday comes after coal exports surged in recent years […]

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Op-Ed: BLM Hearing in Pittsburgh Opens a Door Toward Coal-Industry Modernization

Jamie Williams and Ryan Alexander: The Bureau of Land Management will hold a hearing in Pittsburgh today on the hot-button issue of modernizing coal for the 21st century. The hearing will give Pennsylvanians the opportunity to shape the future of the federal coal program on public lands. They should send a message to the next […]

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Little Effect on Eastern Producers Seen in Coal Lease Reform in Western U.S.

Taylor Kuykendall for SNL: Despite claims federal coal lease reform could boost eastern U.S. coal production up to 25%, producers in those region are unlikely to join efforts to increase costs for peers mining primarily in the western U.S. A June 22 White House Council of Economic Advisers report called for reform of the process […]

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Council on Economic Advisors Combine Taxpayer Losses With Climate Risk in Making Case for U.S. Coal-Lease Reform

Zahra Hirji for InsideClimate News: The White House Council on Economic Advisers presented a report this week that its chairman, Jason Furman, called “a real strong case for reform” to the federal coal leasing program. The review, the first time that President Obama’s top economic advisers have weighed in on one of the most hotly […]

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