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India’s Electricity-Sector Transformation

New IEEFA report- India’s energy transformation gathers momentum

10 August, 2015: India’s ‘seven horses of energy’ electricity sector transformation is gathering pace, with far-reaching ramifications for renewable energy development and the structural decline of seaborne thermal coal, according to a new report released today by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) and Indian energy analysis firm, Equitorials. The report – […]

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More News and Commentary

On the Blogs: Trump Runs Risk of Suffering LBJ-Like ‘Credibility Gap’ on Energy Markets

John H. Cushman Jr. for InsideClimate News: Judging by the brief discussion of energy policy on Donald Trump’s White House transition website, what he’d like to change about the Obama approach is everything. Presented below are our expectations for Trump’s Top Ten list—along with some evidence about how complicated it might be to achieve these […]

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Milestone in Evolution of U.S. Energy Mix

Eric Roston for Bloomberg News: The U.S. passed another historic marker in its energy revolution this year. In February, U.S. transportation emitted more carbon dioxide than the fossil-fuel-heavy power sector for the first time since 1978. Overall, the U.S. has seen a 25 percent drop in carbon-dioxide emissions since 2008, the Department of Energy said, […]

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Goldman Sachs, Aiming for $150 Billion Clean-Energy Portfolio, Takes a Stake in 89 Countries

Katie Fehrenbacher for Fortune magazine: Financial giant Goldman Sachs, which plans to invest a massive $150 billion into clean energy projects and technology over the next decade, is already having a major impact on solar and wind companies, green job numbers, and the environment. According to a new report that the bank released on Thursday […]

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A Rush to Invest in Energy-Efficient Construction in California

Gabriel Kahn for the Wall Street Journal: The KB Home development here looks like any other middle-class subdivision in Southern California—rows of stucco houses with tiled roofs and two-car garages—except for the sticker on the entryway of one of its showcase units. The sticker displays the average monthly cost to heat and cool the home […]

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A ‘Quiet’ Revolution in U.S. Rules on Energy Efficiency

Chris Mooney for the Washington Post: The story does not command nearly as much attention as the Paris talks or the Clean Power Plan, but the facts are tough to dispute: Obama’s Energy Department has finalized more new standards for energy efficient appliances and products than any past administration, a new report finds. The Energy […]

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Georgia Study Sees 6.7% Electricity Savings Under U.S. Clean Power Plan

From Facility Executive magazine: A new study, “The Clean Power Plan And Beyond,” by Dr. Marilyn Brown and the Georgia Institute of Technology has found that by implementing the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan, which was finalized one year ago today, commercial building owners and occupants in the United States could realize an average annual […]

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On the Blogs: Global ‘Energy Intensity’ Falls as Efficiency Rises

Megan Geuss for The latest numbers measure “global energy intensity” or the number of British thermal units used for every unit of gross domestic product (GDP) created. A falling energy intensity measurement doesn’t mean the world is using less energy in total—but it does mean that global economic activities are getting more efficient on […]

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Study: As California’s Energy Transition Has Taken Root, Its Economy Has Grown

Mark Anderson for the Sacramento Business Journal: Since 1990, California has seen a 36 percent drop in emissions per GDP while growing the state’s economy, said Adam Fowler, research fellow at Beacon Economics, which conducted the study for Next 10. “For years some people have argued that increased emissions and economic growth go hand in […]

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Michigan Legislators Move to Slow Growth of Renewables, End State Energy-Efficiency Program

Andy Balaskovitz for Midwest Energy News: Driven by Republican support, Michigan lawmakers advanced a pair of comprehensive energy bills Wednesday that seek to put more restrictions on the state’s electric choice program and limit clean energy standards. SB 438, which passed the Senate Energy and Technology Committee 7-3 along party lines, would hold a 10 […]

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Michigan’s Clean Energy Goals Less Ambitious Than Reported

Andy Balaskovitz for Midwest Energy News: Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s statewide 30 percent clean energy goal by 2025 wouldn’t necessarily expand renewable energy at all — a realization that was slow to reach the public, according to emails released earlier this month in relation to the Flint water crisis. As first reported by ClimateWire last […]

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