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Teck Resources: Rough Road on Oil Sands Investments

Teck Resources_Rough Road on Oil Sands Investments_April 2015 By Tom Sanzillo and Deborah Lawrence

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Report: ‘A Constellation of Risks’: How Public Accountability Is Slowing Tar Sands Development

Material Risks: How public accountability is slowing tar sands development (pdf) By: Tom Sanzillo (IEEFA), Lorne Stockman (Oil Change International), Deborah Rogers (Energy Policy Forum), Hannah McKinnon (Oil Change International), Elizabeth Bast (Oil Change International), and Steve Kretzmann (Oil Change International)

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More News and Commentary

Exxon’s Lowering of Its Reserve Estimates Is an Acknowledgement of Its Financial Distress

Nicholas Kuznetz for InsideClimate News: Exxon said that the average price of oil this year has been so low that 3.6 billion barrels of oil at its Kearl tar sands field, as well as 1 billion barrels of oil and gas equivalent elsewhere in North America, may no longer be claimed under accounting formulas imposed […]

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Shell Divesting From $1 Billion in Canadian Oil-Sand Assets

Chester Dawson for the Wall Street Journal: Royal Dutch Shell PLC said it had reached a deal to sell $1 billion of shale-oil and gas assets in Western Canada as part of a global divestment program to raise cash and streamline its business operations. Those assets currently produce dry gas and natural-gas liquids equivalent to […]

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Latest Question for Exxon Investors: Are Oil-Sands Valuations Real?

Nicholas Kusntez for InsideClimate News: As oil prices have fallen over the past two years, Exxon has maintained that its tar sands reserves are safe. The position may put the company on shaky ground, said Tom Sanzillo, of the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, which favors backing away from fossil fuels. “It is […]

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‘Best Scientists and Best Minds’ at Oil Companies Failed To Innovate When They Had the Chance

By Matt Smith for Vice News: Around the same time NASA was planning its moon missions, US oil companies were working on technologies that could have reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Scientists and engineers had submitted patents for techniques to peel carbon dioxide out of fossil fuel exhaust, boost engine efficiencies, and produce electricity from fuel cells, according […]

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How Keystone Set a Template for Pipeline Opposition Nationally

Melissa Cronin for Grist: “Another Pipeline Rejected” is now the go-to headline for updates on new fossil fuel infrastructure in the United States. Does the growing file of scrapped pipeline plans forecast the “Keystone-ization” of our energy future? Yes — proposals for pipelines to transport oil and natural gas are being brought down by public […]

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How Are For-Profit Pipelines Fair Use of Eminent Domain?

A Topic From the GOP Presidential Campaign That’s Worthy of More Discussion

One of the many sharp—and welcome—arguments among the GOP presidential candidates of late has been over what constitutes reasonable use of eminent domain. Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) has called Donald Trump out, for instance, for having used eminent domain to try to demolish the home of an elderly widow in Atlantic City so he could […]

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Divestiture Movement, Deepening Distress of Coal Industry, Emerging Battles Over Solar, Overbuilding of Shale Gas Pipelines Highlight IEEFA Energy Finance 2016 Conference in New York City

Panelists From Deutsche Bank, Moody’s, S&P Capital IQ, New York Mayor’s Office, CalSTRS, Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office, Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Norwegian Parliament

COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, MARCH 14-16; EXPERTS FROM EUROPE, ASIA, AUSTRALIA,  AND THE AMERICAS NEW YORK, Feb. 29, 2016 — The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) today announced a 2016 conference lineup that includes leading energy finance experts, industry regulators, institutional investors, activists, market analysts and commentators from around the world. The conference, Energy […]

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Oil Sands Producers, Losing Money, Consider Cutting Operations

Nia Williams for Reuters: With Canadian benchmark crude near record lows, some major oil sands producers are starting to consider slowing output at their huge thermal operations in northern Alberta, a process fraught with technical and financial difficulties. Cutting production is one of the least appealing options for producers who have invested billions of dollars […]

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Death of Keystone Kindles a Similar Campaign in Wisconsin

Lisa Song for InsideClimate News: In the wake of the Keystone XL decision, environmental activists are seizing the momentum by calling for the cancellation of another tar sands pipeline that has remained largely below the radar. Local and national groups urged the Obama administration to reject Enbridge’s Alberta Clipper pipeline expansion. The pipeline has a […]

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Keystone Legacy: Less Diplomacy, More Boots on the Ground

Timothy Gardner and Bruce Wallace for Reuters: Last Friday’s presidential “no” to the 1,200-mile (1931 km) pipeline out of Alberta’s oil sands may signal more than just a single, if remarkable, win for environmentalists. It stands to sharpen the fissure in the green movement between those who believe direct action can jar the world off […]

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