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Op-Ed: An Increasingly Bold Push in India to Tap ‘That Ancient Gift of the Sun’

Gopal Patel, India’ Energy Minister, for CNN: Until now, India’s reliance on coal for almost three-fourths of its electricity supply has hindered its transition to clean energy. Part of the reason for India’s reliance on coal for so much of its power is to be found underground, in the country’s enormous reserves of the fossil […]

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The Supreme Court Case on the EPA’s Clean Power Plan Is a Red Herring

Coal-Fired Electricity Generation Is on the Wane More Because of Market Forces Than Regulatory Action

The Supreme Court’s stay against enforcement of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan comes as a potential setback to the Obama administration’s initiative to curb pollution from coal-fired power plants. The court in its order yesterday is responding to opponents who had argued that, among other things, the EPA is being too tough on the coal-fired […]

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Obama Does for the Coal Industry What It Cannot Do for Itself

Markets Have Changed Since the 1980s; Miners Have Not Kept Up

President Obama is doing for the coal industry what it cannot do for itself in proposing reforms that would require coal producers pay taxpayers a fair price for coal taken from public lands. A federal lease moratorium would allow the federal government, as owner of the coal, and stakeholders to establish a new business model for […]

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WSJ: ‘Dying Embers’ of U.K. Coal Industry

Scott Patterson for the Wall Street Journal: The last deep-pit coal mine in the U.K. plans to shut its doors here next week, heralding the end of a centuries-old industry that helped fuel the industrial revolution and build the British Empire. The shutdown, targeted for next Friday, represents a victory for advocates of reducing carbon […]

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SNL Data Shows Appalachia Hardest Hit by Coal’s Slide

 Taylor Kuykendall for SNL: The industry’s suffering is most easily seen in the boom of bankruptcies throughout the coal sector. The companies that turned to the bankruptcy court protection vary in size,, from small players up to the giants of the sector, but overwhelmingly the bankrupt companies share a common trait of being heavily invested […]

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Op-Ed: The GOP’s Myopia on Coal

Raúl M. Grijalva for the New York Times: Republicans in Congress like to blame what they call President Obama’s “war on coal.” In particular, they single out for scorn the president’s Clean Power Plan, which will set first-time emissions standards for carbon dioxide on coal-fired power plants by 2022. Many old, dirty plants will close […]

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