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India’s Fast-Moving Energy Transition: $100 Billion in Renewables Investments So Far This Year

A Crush of Deals With State-Owned Enterprises, Leading Power Companies, Billionaires, Major Firms and Utilities

Investments worth more than $100 billion over the past eight months are driving an unprecedented shift to renewable energy in India. The trend is detailed in a report we just posted—India’s Electricity Sector Transformation—that charts the accelerating influx of global capital into India as the country moves toward its goal of installing 175 gigawatts of […]

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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (10 de Sept. de 2015) — The Institute for Energy Economics y Financial Analysis dio a conocer hoy un informe concluyendo que la Autoridad de Energía Eléctrica de Puerto Rico (AEEPR) es demasiado generosa con tenedores de bonos en su propuesta reestructuración de su adeudo y corta de vista en sus […]

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India’s Electricity-Sector Transformation

New IEEFA report- India’s energy transformation gathers momentum

10 August, 2015: India’s ‘seven horses of energy’ electricity sector transformation is gathering pace, with far-reaching ramifications for renewable energy development and the structural decline of seaborne thermal coal, according to a new report released today by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) and Indian energy analysis firm, Equitorials. The report – […]

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Global Energy Markets Transition Drives Thermal Coal Into Structural Decline

New Research by IEEFA Sees Slowing Demand for Coal and Rapidly Rising Investment in Renewables CLEVELAND, Jan. 14, 2015 ( — Rapid expansion of renewable energy combined with weakening electricity demand are driving a structural decline in seaborne thermal coal markets, according to a new briefing released today by the Institute for Energy Economics and […]

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Briefing note: Fossil fuels, energy transition & risk, July 2014

Briefing note: Fossil fuels, energy transition & risk,  July 2014 (pdf) By Tim Buckley, Director of Energy Finance Studies, Australasia, IEEFA

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Briefing note: Thermal coal outlook

Briefing note: Thermal coal outlook (pdf) By Tim Buckley,  Director of Energy Resource Studies, Australasia, IEEFA  

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Briefing note: India power prices

Briefing note: India power prices (pdf) By Tim Buckley,  Director of Energy Resource Studies, Australasia, IEEFA

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Report- Changing course: A clean energy investment plan for Dominion Virginia Power

Changing course: A clean energy investment plan for Dominion Virginia Power (PDF)

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More News and Commentary

Microsoft Signs Wyoming-Kansas Power Deal, Expanding Its Reliance on Renewable Energy

Chris Martin for Bloomberg News: Microsoft Corp. committed to its largest wind-power purchase to date with a deal to buy 237 megawatts of capacity from projects in Wyoming and Kansas. Allianz Risk Transfer AG’s Bloom Wind Project in Kansas and Black Hills Corp.’s Happy Jack and Silver Sage wind farms in Wyoming will provide all […]

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On the Blogs: Too Late to Stop Transition to Renewables

Carolyn Hayman for As we’ve begun to focus on the demand side of the fossil fuel market, particularly power utilities, it’s clear that technology is going to trump Trump. Domestic photovoltaics plus storage are likely to be cost competitive with fossil fuel generation within a small number of years, and attempts to hold back […]

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IEEFA Update: The Global Energy Transformation Remains on Track

U.S. Presidential Election Results Regardless, the Gathering Transition to Renewables Continues

Regardless of any potential or even likely shift in U.S. energy policies, the transition of global energy markets is firmly entrenched. A succession of financial and technology breakthroughs position renewable energy and efficiency as clearly price competitive in an increasing number of energy markets  Policy action, with the ratification of the Paris climate accord, reflects […]

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On the Blogs: A Faster-Than-Expected 21st-Century Transition to Renewables

Leah Y. Parks for A 21st-century energy transformation is already underway. Our digital revolution is facilitating massive progress in technologies that are leading to disruption and will result in the replacement of the fossil fuel industry faster than most could imagine. We can jump over political resistance and climate denial despite outdated and misinformed […]

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On the Blogs: The International Energy Agency Remains Behind the Curve on Monitoring the Uptake of Renewables

Simon Evans for Renewable energy capacity is growing more rapidly than expected, says the International Energy Agency (IEA), overtaking coal for the first time. The IEA also says it has “significantly increased” its forecasts for the growth of renewable capacity over the next five years. Yet its forecasts continue to show future growth slowing […]

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On the Blogs: Berkeley Lab Study Suggests Wide Underestimation of Wind’s Potential

Joshua S Hill for A new report by researchers from Berkeley Lab has raised the possibility that we are underestimating the potential for and uncertainty of wind energy cost reductions. There has been a lot of coverage lately of the dramatic cost reductions for wind energy over the last few years, and the potential […]

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Coal Makes Poor People Poorer

Dana Nuccitelli for The Guardian: A dozen international poverty and development organizations published a report last week on the impact of building new coal power plants in countries where a large percentage of the population lacks access to electricity. The report’s conclusions are strikingly counter-intuitive: on the whole, building coal power plants does little to […]

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Next U.S. Offshore Wind Farm: Lake Erie

Joe Ryan for Bloomberg News: The next U.S. offshore wind farm in the U.S. will probably be almost 500 miles (800 kilometers) from the nearest ocean. The Lake Erie Energy Development Corp. expects to finalize a deal by yearend with Fred. Olsen Renewables AS to build a 20.7 megawatt wind project in Lake Erie, off […]

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On the Blogs: ‘Cost Reductions for Offshore Wind: Signs of Progress, Expectations for More’

Ryan Wiser, Joachim Seel and Bentham Paulos for The barriers to offshore wind are formidable. Yet, after many years of delays and cost increases, there are signs of progress. Offshore wind bids coming out of Europe suggest that steep cost reductions are at hand; the most recent of those bids, for a 350 MW […]

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Spain’s Push Toward 100% Renewables

Caroline Mortimer for The Independent (U.K.): The director of one of Spain’s top power companies has predicted the country will eventually become 100 per cent reliant on renewable energy. Acciona boss Miguel Ezpeleta said there is currently enough wind energy being generated to power 29m Spanish homes every day. He told Australian news channel, ABC […]

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