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IEEFA Analysis: The Economic Frailties and Rickety Finances Behind the Dakota Access Pipeline

Shippers Are in a Position Now to Renegotiate Contracts; Oil Prices Have Tanked Since Deals Were Signed; Long-Term Outlook for Project is Deeply Uncertain

Construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline has sparked considerable public controversy, bringing national attention to issues that include tribal sovereignty and risks to drinking water. Less publicized are the project’s financial weaknesses, and the fact the pipeline may represent a substantial overbuilding of the Bakken’s oil-transport infrastructure. The report that we released today in partnership […]

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IEEFA Exxon: A Company in Need of More Accountability at the Top

As Directors Ponder CEO's Successor, Will They Seek a Much-Needed Change in Meeting Performance Standards?

ExxonMobil has been reducing its cash returns to investors over the past few years, a trend we highlighted in our report last week, “Red Flags on Exxon Mobil,” but has still paid out far more to investors than standard financial metrics would support.  Indeed, all indicators, including the company’s recent announcement that it will likely de-book […]

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IEEFA Update: The Global Energy Transformation Remains on Track

U.S. Presidential Election Results Regardless, the Gathering Transition to Renewables Continues

Regardless of any potential or even likely shift in U.S. energy policies, the transition of global energy markets is firmly entrenched. A succession of financial and technology breakthroughs position renewable energy and efficiency as clearly price competitive in an increasing number of energy markets  Policy action, with the ratification of the Paris climate accord, reflects […]

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IEEFA Exxon: Why the Abrupt Revision on Reserves?

Oil Giant Owes Investors Answers, and Much More Transparency

The headline news out of ExxonMobil’s third-quarter earnings call last week bears repeating: If low prices persist during the fourth quarter of 2016 then as much as 4.6 billion barrels of the company’s oil reserves in Canada and North America would no longer qualify as proven reserves.   This makes ExxonMobil the latest in a […]

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